Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ginger Spotlight on: Correnn Stormcrow - Erotic Writer

 Correnn Stormcrow - Erotic Writer

So as it happens you meet interesting folks all over. Of late I have found many new acquaintances via the Lumipro group. I got to talking with Correnn Stormcrow and found her to be an intriguing and intelligent lady. When she mentioned she enjoyed writing an idea sprang to mind. After some discussion and a bunch of laughs Correnn and I decided on teaming up. She will have  new home here on the blog and you will all benefit from erotic stories with sexy pictorials.In True Ginger fashion I couldn't let her get away without posing up for me and giving you all a tantalizing tease of this creative mind. Oh...and I interviewed her. So I introduce to you the newest addition to the True Ginger Photography blog: Correnn Stormcrow

Curty: Are you excited to be joining the studio?
Correnn: I am. I wasn't expecting to have such an opportunity drop in my lap. But getting a chance to tell stories to another audience is always terrifying and thrilling.

Curty: What kinds of stories do you write?
Correnn: Mostly fantasy, strange fiction, and a smattering of horror. I enjoy breaking out of the mundane and exploring things with a bit of magic or strange science.

Curty: How long have you been writing stories and erotic fiction?
Correnn: I've been telling stories my whole life. It's just part of who I am. Of course, younger me was not so lascivious. Erotica didn't start creeping into my stories until I was online participating in BBSs back in the dinosaur days when things like Second Life were just a twinkle in the Linden's eyes.

Curty: What can we expect in the stories here?
Correnn: Magic, aliens, robots, perhaps some strange, twilight zone type worlds. Lots and lots of opportunities for sexy encounters, alien and otherwise. I intend the stories to run in the realm of fantasy, because that is what erotica is, an adult  fantasy.

Curty: Is it all going to be tentacles, aliens, and robots?
Correnn: Oh hell no. Sex is human, so, while the sex and the kink may get wickedly strange, there will be plenty of human on human fucking and perving.

Curty: Will there just be stand alone stories or can we expect a serial?
Correnn: At first it will be stand alone short stories. I do plan on a long term serial as we go on, possibly springing out of the short stories.

Curty: And how often can we expect a new erotic tale?
Correnn: Every other week. Just long enough to keep the anticipation going. I'm a horrible tease, I know.
Curty: Will there be juicy pictures?
Correnn: Oh, yes there will.. And steamy and sultry and very, very wet. There might even be alien goo.

Curty: And will you be starring in any of these photos?
Correnn: I may make an appearance or ten. I'll sometimes be the photo illustrator of our heroic pervs, as a photographer I find the challenge to come up with ways to create the worlds visually appealing both as a crafter and a connoisseur. As well, I'm looking forward to having others put their visual spin and style toward the stories and see what their perverse imaginations can devise.

Curty: Do you have a flickr page or any other sites you wanna share with us?
Correnn: I do. You can find my photos both on Flickr and DeviantArt
Also I tell stories of a less erotic flavor in SL. You can check out my profile for dates and locations.

Curty: Welcome aboard Correnn.! I know I'm excited. I hope the readers are too!
Correnn: Thanks Curty! Happy to be aboard and looking forward to getting the first one out there!

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