Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ginger spotlight on: Octavia Sorbet - Owner of the Chocolate Bar

I took some time out today to catch a very busy lady, Octavia Sorbet. Octavia is a stunningly gorgeous woman and a very adept and smart business owner. She owns and runs The Chocolate Bar with her partner Melody Foxx. The following is a transcript of the interview I did with her:

Curty: When was the Chocolate Bar opened?
Octavia Sorbet: We formed in December of 2011. My original partner in the club was Chocolate Pizzaro, who was sort of a celebrity at the time. She was on the cover of the new (at the time) Cocktail Magazine. I was the club builder and GM. Eventually Chocolate had to focus on RL and I took over the club completely.. which is where Melody comes in.

Curty: Was it always a Shemale/Transgender club? Melody is your partner correct?
Octavia Sorbet: Yes it was always, the original concept was black shemales and escorts and we tweaked it to be all inclusive. Yes, Melody is my partner.

Curty: What's been your biggest challenge keeping it going?
Octavia Sorbet: for awhile the biggest challenge was funding, but as the bar grew in popularity and we got better and better staff, that problem solved itself, now its a pleasure to have it, any challenges that come along are minor compared to the rewards.

Curty: What about you? I know you Own but do you still take escorts yourself?
Octavia Sorbet: Take escorts? Yes, I do ;)

Curty: Does the club have any regular events you want to let the readers be aware of?
Octavia Sorbet: yes, we have events every weekend, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning and Sunday night. There's usually prize contests, trivia, sexy ladies on stage, and fun themes :) We also partnered with Lisa Lovelace and opened another club called .:Fusion:. Lounge, which is a more music centered club. Fusion is on the same Sim as the bar, Girlywood, and has parties most weekdays and live music concerts every couple of weeks.

Curty: You are a very interesting a beautiful lady Octavia. Thanks for your time today! Anything else you'd like the readers to know about you and /or the club?
Octavia Sorbet: I just want to invite them all to stop by and check out the club and sim! Girlywood is a full island with beaches, a dungeon, a wedding venue, two clubs, a sim size urban RP area, housing rentals, and a beautiful forest. IT's a fun place to explore and shouldn't be missed!

Curty: Sounds great! Thanks Octavia. I think after seeing your pictures their may be a line up at the door. )
Octavia Sorbet: :D

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beach BDSM

The first film by True Ginger Photography!

See the entire film on XTUBE!

Starring: Monique Lefry and Curty Dovgal

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Introducing Roxxy

I've known Roxxy for some time. She hails from Belgium but has a bit of country in her. She is a fun and very personable gurl. You can catch her dancing on Stage at The LadyBoys Club or maybe you'll get lucky and find her out prowling those sex SIMs that are scattered about SL. Without further adieu a look at the Belgian country girl.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dax Rahl visits True Ginger Photography

So Dax told me he needed to shoot me on a motorized vehicle. So after posing on my motor cycle for him ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/127109422@N05/33081614325/in/dateposted-public/ ) I demanded he get in front of my lens. Enjoy some shots you won't often see the prolific pornographer take of himself.....

Fallen Angel Jazara

Jazara is a good friend I have known for quite some time. She is sassy, sexy and funny but most of all a dear friend. She has Elven roots and has recently felt a little fallen angel syndrome grab her...Join her in fantasy land as she spreads her wings and ponders her Elven past.

My old friend Kimber Lost

I recently had a chance to reconnect with an old friend. Kimber is feisty , fun and truly sexy! I hope you enjoy the little shoot I did so you can all feast your eyes on her gorgeous self. I think she pulls off pink hair better than anyone I know. :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

True Ginger Photography opens

Hey all! I'm excited today to start a new endeavor. Welcome to True Ginger Photography. I know, another person, another studio. Well we all have our aspirations and ideas of how things should be in this crazy world of SL Porn and Erotic art. I in turn have my own. With my a new studio location and some recently purchased tools to get me started making film, you can expect to see both film and static art coming from this studio. Being rather novice in the Porn industry of SL I have felt the challenges of trying to make a name. One of my objectives here at True Ginger will be to help launch new careers, get exposure for new models and help people into porn that are otherwise having a hard time finding a role. I will also as you might expect have a bit of a focus on my transgender friends and models. I am excited to start out the  gate with a new smoking hot brand that was designed for me by the one and only Rachel Swallows. Thank you Rachel! I look forward to bringing you exciting and sizzling content and I look forward to you joining me on this journey!