Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ginger spotlight on: Octavia Sorbet - Owner of the Chocolate Bar

I took some time out today to catch a very busy lady, Octavia Sorbet. Octavia is a stunningly gorgeous woman and a very adept and smart business owner. She owns and runs The Chocolate Bar with her partner Melody Foxx. The following is a transcript of the interview I did with her:

Curty: When was the Chocolate Bar opened?
Octavia Sorbet: We formed in December of 2011. My original partner in the club was Chocolate Pizzaro, who was sort of a celebrity at the time. She was on the cover of the new (at the time) Cocktail Magazine. I was the club builder and GM. Eventually Chocolate had to focus on RL and I took over the club completely.. which is where Melody comes in.

Curty: Was it always a Shemale/Transgender club? Melody is your partner correct?
Octavia Sorbet: Yes it was always, the original concept was black shemales and escorts and we tweaked it to be all inclusive. Yes, Melody is my partner.

Curty: What's been your biggest challenge keeping it going?
Octavia Sorbet: for awhile the biggest challenge was funding, but as the bar grew in popularity and we got better and better staff, that problem solved itself, now its a pleasure to have it, any challenges that come along are minor compared to the rewards.

Curty: What about you? I know you Own but do you still take escorts yourself?
Octavia Sorbet: Take escorts? Yes, I do ;)

Curty: Does the club have any regular events you want to let the readers be aware of?
Octavia Sorbet: yes, we have events every weekend, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning and Sunday night. There's usually prize contests, trivia, sexy ladies on stage, and fun themes :) We also partnered with Lisa Lovelace and opened another club called .:Fusion:. Lounge, which is a more music centered club. Fusion is on the same Sim as the bar, Girlywood, and has parties most weekdays and live music concerts every couple of weeks.

Curty: You are a very interesting a beautiful lady Octavia. Thanks for your time today! Anything else you'd like the readers to know about you and /or the club?
Octavia Sorbet: I just want to invite them all to stop by and check out the club and sim! Girlywood is a full island with beaches, a dungeon, a wedding venue, two clubs, a sim size urban RP area, housing rentals, and a beautiful forest. IT's a fun place to explore and shouldn't be missed!

Curty: Sounds great! Thanks Octavia. I think after seeing your pictures their may be a line up at the door. )
Octavia Sorbet: :D

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