Wednesday, April 26, 2017

W.O.W. 4-26-17 Edition #7

Whip It Out Wednesday!

Hello cocksposure fans! Are we ready for the this weeks selections for some choice prime grade a shlong, dong, dick, cock, shenis, penis, or whatever other names it may go by? 85 members, 245 photos strong now. It seems that Wednesday has become a situated ritual and for that I am glad. It's fun to showcase show shots that don't get the same kind of spotlight elsewhere.

Want your work featured here? It's easy! Any time you make a picture of a gorgeous cock submit it to the Whip It Out Wednesday Flickr Group . I will keep rummaging back through photos all the way to day of inception so don't think you have to do a Wednesday shot on Wednesday! Without further blabber from me here is this week top 10 cock shots as chosen by me, myself and I. It's good to be the blog owner.

So that's all for now! Your shots will bear the almighty symbol of cock greatness before nights end and you are now enshrined forever in the W.O.W. gallery of hot cocks! Keep them coming folks It is getting harder and harder to choose for me as the pool grows deeper and deeper...pun intended. I do like a challenge though! Until next week, have a great rest of the week folks!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

W.O.W. 4-19-17 edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

It's again that time of week that we celebrate all things hard and throbbing. The choices are more vast and the content keeps rolling in. The group is getting healthier and healthier so thank you! Remember not to just post on Wednesday only. Add any good cock shots you can throughout the week as well! The more the merrier! So let's get to it and see who's delivering the 'goods' this week!

80 members...200 photos...more cock than you shake a stick at! Come join us in the Whip it out Wednesday group and keep the humpday ripe with some good stiff fun! 6 editions in and only getting hotter each week! Thank you all for carrying the spirit and making Wednesday the best day toWhip it out! Until next week, have a throbbing good time!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Humiliatrix

This my most complex production yet. With a cast of 11 and 2 extras covering 5 scenes. The Humiliatrix follows the descent of Dax Rahl into boy toy service through various humiliating episodes culminating in one very large group scene. This was shot in 5 locations across SL.


Curty Dovgal
Dax Rahl
Sammi Wolfsong
Miss Krissy
ღ Ăɓigɑil Ʋαηιту ღ

Movie Theatre

Leesha Nootan


Ian McDuff
Kaete Winddancer

Movie shot on location at the following:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crossed Wires

New Film from True Ginger Studios

This new film introduces Kitten. Some of you may know Kitten from her role as Co-Owner of Defiance Magazine. I snatched her to shoot this light hearted twist on the old cable guy appointment theme.

Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Debuting in her 1st film: Kitten
Special Cameo: Argo Domenici

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Post Orgasmic

Music, sensuality made real. Feel the deep throbbing of a bass line deep in your bones. The smooth curving forms of the melody lift you into new levels of bliss. Music frees the mind and soul. For the musician it is passion: raw, primal, and pure orgasmic pleasure

Thursday, April 13, 2017

W.O.W. 4-12-17 edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

Welcome once again skin flute fans! I must first apologize this edition is a bit behind schedule as I ran into some circumstances  beyond my control. Nevertheless we charge forward...sword high! The popularity seems to be getting better and I am starting to see a nice wide selection of people whipping theirs or someone else's out! Let's get to the 'meat' of the issue shall we?

We'll all wait in anticipation of next weeks hot pics! Keep up the submissions and I hope you are having fun! The creativity level of some of these in just incredible. And remember, no pouting...if your picture hasn't been up yet there is always next week! The pool doesn't grow stale!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Ginger Spotlight on: Viara Jewell - Owner of WS Creations

We all love sex. For many of us it's a big part of our SL experience. With sex comes the toys, beds, devices, HUDs, that we use to interact with our partner(s). There is a wide variety of things out there to choose from and many designers as well as Edvard Taurion lets us know about everyday. . However I don't think anyone places in doubt the quantity, quality and customer service brought to life in the devices and furniture created by Viara Jewell and her team. From beds to bondage she has something for everyone. She also supports SL clubs and filmmakers with sponsorship activities as well as raising money for breast cancer research . I was lucky enough to steal some time from Viara's very busy schedule to interview her and of course , in True Ginger style, bring you some really good steamy photos of a gorgeous lady. I introduce to you someone whose name you know but maybe have never seen quite like this, the very sexy Viara Jewell:

Curty: Viara, thank you so much for taking time out to sit down with me. By now you are one of the most respected adult furniture creators in SL. How did this journey all begin?
Viara: Thank you for the compliments, Curty. To this day it still amazes me what people tell me about the furniture I create, which is always a big motivator for me to go on. It all started when I was looking for good sex furniture for myself, and didn't find anything that caught my attention. It was either poorly designed, had bad or too few animations or was way too expensive, so I researched on what tools I needed to make my own!

Curty: Was it difficult to learn building and scripting for you or is it an extension of some profession you have in RL?
Viara: In my real life I work with IT, so yes, basically it is an extension of my professional skills. The building part though is something you have to practice in order to hone this skill, because it's more than just a technical ability, but also an exercise of creativity and observation: you need to understand what features your public wants and visualize it in your creation, so you make it appealing to your customers.

Curty: I looked at the size of your team. It's a pretty tight little group. Do you find it hard keeping older items updated while still continuing to deliver new creations?
Viara: My team is a group of very special friends: my wife and marketing manager Dani and her assistant Ali, my business partner Kushi Vyper, my personal business advisor Abi, and the gorgeous DJ Exxx, who keeps the sexy local stream running. They are the big ones responsible for keeping my sanity in the middle of all this! They often share their opinions on everything I make, and test them, so they also play a very important role in the whole process.

Curty: Which creation are you most proud of? Your absolute favorite.
Viara: My favorite so far is the massage table! I designed and delivered it in two weeks! It had been a dream of mine to build one since the beginning, I just lacked the time to do it. When I found a window in my schedule I pounced on it with no second thoughts.

Curty: What's new and what else can we expect in the near future?
Viara: WS Creations has grown fast, and customer demands just as much. They learned that if they look for quality, we are a brand that you can rely on, in terms of products and customer service. Our focus now is to keep building great stuff but with more features not provided by regular engines you see in SL. Innovation is the keyword right now.

Curty: What drives your creation of new furniture? Is it just an assumption of the market or things you would want to see yourself or do you do some kind of customer polling?
Viara: I always start with a fantasy I have my own. When you see an item at WS Creations you can be sure I had some perverted thoughts about it! Still, it is important to realize that sometimes my fantasies are not everyone else's, and I often search my loyal customers group (thank you everyone! I love you all!) for feedback. They always come up with interesting ideas!

Curty: Is WS Creations looking for any help in any aspect?
Viara: I acknowledge that it is tough to keep up with the standards I set for myself, but right now I have a great team to help me with stuff! It doesn't mean though that some crazy idea clicks in my head and I look for people to perform that task. If I find the right one I will do what I can to have the person come aboard.

Curty: I know you sponsor clubs, ever considered sponsoring filmmakers?
Viara: Oh but we do! We have a couple film producers who we have close ties with. Would I like to sponsor more? Yes! Come to me with an idea and we can talk!

Curty: Tell me something not everyone knows about you.
Viara: Sometimes when I'm looking for building inspiration I sketch designs on paper while naked both in SL and RL lol It helps me have an idea of how I would feel playing on it!

Curty: Any thing else I missed you'd like to impart to our readers?
Viara: I would just like to mention again how grateful I am for having my loyal customers, who support me and make all this possible. My lovely team who is always there for you, cheering me up and helping me keep up with all the crazy building. And if you stop by and feel inclined, remember to donate to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer by depositing any amount you can at the entrance of the shop!

I do hope you enjoyed this more inside look at a very sexy and awesome human being.

You can visit WS creations on the marketplace here:

You can visit her in world store here:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ginger Spotlight on: Queen Carissa Triellis of the Queendom of Revival

Maybe you have heard of Tiny Empires. Maybe you haven't. You know I like to shine the ginger spotlight on various and interesting activities, places, and people. Well Carissa is just such a person. She is the leader of the Queendom of Revival, one of numerous Tiny Empire clans you can associate with. Since TE ,as it is affectionately called, is a social game you will find yourself meeting new people. I asked Queen Carissa to sit down and let me grill her a little bit and of course see if I could get her to pose for me. She happily obliged. I introduce Queen Carissa Triellis:

Curty: So you are a Queen in Tiny Empires. Let's start with Tiny Empires. What exactly is that?
Rissa: Tiny Empires is a multiuser HUD game played within Second Life, with a medieval theme.

Curty: So what does being the Queen of your group mean for your daily SL?
Rissa: It's a pretty easy gig for me. I watch the HUD for various activities that can or will benefit my downline and deliver as needed.

Curty: Does your Queendom have get together or parties?
Rissa: We are not a big Queendom, so we don't get together, as a group, very often. We do have a group chat that gets hopping at times.

Curty: Do you have a Home SIM for the Empire?
Rissa: While other larger Kingdoms have entire SIMS, we do not.

Curty: Has the game helped you meet a lot of people you otherwise wouldn't have?
Rissa: Oh YES! Many people think it is a role play game, then I explain that is really a very social game and people join in. I have met some really wonderful people from playing TE! Many have been friends for a very long time.

Curty: Can readers of this blog join your kingdom?
Rissa: Sure, they can! There's always room for more.

Curty: Is your Highness against posing for us, even in risqué fashion?
Rissa: I'm never against a great pose! Even Queens love to have fun, you know.

Curty: Do you have other interests you pursue as well?
Rissa: Well yes. I am a photographer as well and I love to spend time watching a variety of live SL music.

Curty: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers or tips to help them get started?
Rissa:  First a player will need a HUD, trial HUDS are available to "test the waters", so to speak. It will help if you have someone to guide you until you develop your own strategy to play the game too. If not my Queendom, there are many really nice & smart players who are always willing to help. I'd say, give it a try, what have you got to loose?

So if you are looking for something to fill your dead times or just want to meet new people then maybe Tiny Empires is something you want to look into. Who knows, maybe you end up with a Queen as beautiful as Carissa.

You can follow Carissa on Flickr here:

You can visit The main store for the Tiny Empires trial HUD here:

Read more about Tiny Empires at their website: