Thursday, April 20, 2017

W.O.W. 4-19-17 edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

It's again that time of week that we celebrate all things hard and throbbing. The choices are more vast and the content keeps rolling in. The group is getting healthier and healthier so thank you! Remember not to just post on Wednesday only. Add any good cock shots you can throughout the week as well! The more the merrier! So let's get to it and see who's delivering the 'goods' this week!

80 members...200 photos...more cock than you shake a stick at! Come join us in the Whip it out Wednesday group and keep the humpday ripe with some good stiff fun! 6 editions in and only getting hotter each week! Thank you all for carrying the spirit and making Wednesday the best day toWhip it out! Until next week, have a throbbing good time!

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