Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ginger Spotlight on: Queen Carissa Triellis of the Queendom of Revival

Maybe you have heard of Tiny Empires. Maybe you haven't. You know I like to shine the ginger spotlight on various and interesting activities, places, and people. Well Carissa is just such a person. She is the leader of the Queendom of Revival, one of numerous Tiny Empire clans you can associate with. Since TE ,as it is affectionately called, is a social game you will find yourself meeting new people. I asked Queen Carissa to sit down and let me grill her a little bit and of course see if I could get her to pose for me. She happily obliged. I introduce Queen Carissa Triellis:

Curty: So you are a Queen in Tiny Empires. Let's start with Tiny Empires. What exactly is that?
Rissa: Tiny Empires is a multiuser HUD game played within Second Life, with a medieval theme.

Curty: So what does being the Queen of your group mean for your daily SL?
Rissa: It's a pretty easy gig for me. I watch the HUD for various activities that can or will benefit my downline and deliver as needed.

Curty: Does your Queendom have get together or parties?
Rissa: We are not a big Queendom, so we don't get together, as a group, very often. We do have a group chat that gets hopping at times.

Curty: Do you have a Home SIM for the Empire?
Rissa: While other larger Kingdoms have entire SIMS, we do not.

Curty: Has the game helped you meet a lot of people you otherwise wouldn't have?
Rissa: Oh YES! Many people think it is a role play game, then I explain that is really a very social game and people join in. I have met some really wonderful people from playing TE! Many have been friends for a very long time.

Curty: Can readers of this blog join your kingdom?
Rissa: Sure, they can! There's always room for more.

Curty: Is your Highness against posing for us, even in risqué fashion?
Rissa: I'm never against a great pose! Even Queens love to have fun, you know.

Curty: Do you have other interests you pursue as well?
Rissa: Well yes. I am a photographer as well and I love to spend time watching a variety of live SL music.

Curty: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers or tips to help them get started?
Rissa:  First a player will need a HUD, trial HUDS are available to "test the waters", so to speak. It will help if you have someone to guide you until you develop your own strategy to play the game too. If not my Queendom, there are many really nice & smart players who are always willing to help. I'd say, give it a try, what have you got to loose?

So if you are looking for something to fill your dead times or just want to meet new people then maybe Tiny Empires is something you want to look into. Who knows, maybe you end up with a Queen as beautiful as Carissa.

You can follow Carissa on Flickr here:

You can visit The main store for the Tiny Empires trial HUD here:

Read more about Tiny Empires at their website:

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