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Ginger Spotlight on: Sharie Criss owner of Lochme Castle

Bondage, BDSM, D/s, RLV....The naughty side of second life. You can see it all over in SL in bits and pieces. But if you go to Lochme Castle it is a way of life. This vast community comes from all walks and really are true bondage lovers. The castle is full of traps, cages, and all manner of interesting 'toys' to have fun with a partner or someone you find at the sim and randomly lock up. It's a light hearted community focused on fun! So if you ever had an inkling to put your collar on, leave it on open access and see what happens, Lochme would surely provide you some entertainment! I took some time to sit down with the owner of Lochme and one very sexy lady Sharie Criss. Of course it wouldn't be a True Ginger Spotlight if I didn't get some good naughty photos for you. And in this case..... bondage photos. Meet Sharie Criss:

Curty: When did you found Lochme Castle?
Sharie: I knew pretty early after I joined SL that I wanted to do “something.” I started learning how to build with a skybox dungeon which I had for a few months, when Snark and Stonehaven moved from mainland to private connected sims. Shortly after they opened in early 2008, I decided to go for it and started Lochme in July. The castle was one of the first things I built on the island with the castle looking not too much different than today’s despite the current castle being almost completely re-built over the years. The castle opened to the public in August 2008.

Curty: Was a community bondage SIM always what you had in mind?
Sharie: Absolutely! The name Lochme was kind of a play on words, with the very early version of the sim having a lake in the middle (Loch being the Scottish word for Lake) but also sounding like Lock-Me. At one point I envisioned a number of connected sims with other bondage-ish names. Anyway, Lochme was ALWAYS a Bondage sim – from day one, with all the people who lived here having that common interest in the various aspects of Bondage, D/s, etc.

Curty: Any regrets or complaints?
Sharie: No regrets at all. As for complaints, well, Linden Labs needs to revamp how the massive amounts of computing resources they have can be used to allow regions that are heavily used to not lag so badly. Their system hasn’t changed since day one of SL! Unfortunately I don’t expect this to ever get fixed.

Curty: What has been some of the more interesting things that have happened over the years.
Sharie: Hmm, really what I find interesting as a lover of bondage toys is the advancement of bondage technology in SL. Marine’s RLV system was a total game changer that gave us tools to enhance how toys worked, making play more spontaneous and unpredictable, and – fun! When we could start making things in 3D tools directly without being limited to what’s possible with “prims”, that was another milestone, and finally rigged Mesh, that allowed creations to bend and move with you allowing for some fantastic bondage creations!

Curty: What have been your funnest moments?
Sharie: I think one of the most fun times I had in SL was when our family had a run-in with the SLBI (Second Life Bureau of Investigation) where they were after one of my sisters for some kidnapping charge. We ended up kidnapping another one of my friends and delivering her (bound and gagged of course) to the SLBI claiming that she was the wanted sister… This scene played out over weeks with kidnappings back and forth and just got totally crazy silly…

Curty: Do you have a lot of help running the SIM?
Sharie: I do, I have a number of sisters and close friends who assist in various ways, decorating, keeping the peace, helping newcomers, and causing trouble (*coughs* Tot!!! Pet!!)

Curty: Are you open to allow film makers to film onsite?
Sharie: I don’t mind if people film at Lochme, in fact a resident recently created a tribute music video where some scenes were filmed in the dungeon.

Curty: You have a marketplace strore. Tell us about it.
Sharie: I make a few things, most people probably are aware of the SC Owners script which allows users of Real Restraint gear to give master key access to certain users. I also have a few other freebies and little things at Lochme I’ve created. Most of the things I make are custom to Lochme, mesh building parts, special scripts, etc.

Marketplace link:

Curty: Do you have any future plans you are to achieve for Lochme?
Sharie: Oh there are dreams and then there is reality! I started working on a system that works with the Experience Keys system, linking those capabilities with RLV to provide what I hope would be interesting games and activities for people that may or may not have a play partner available. Unfortunately Real Life issues came up that reduced my available free time, and some viewer authors got concerned that my linking of Experience and RLV would cause trouble and made comments to me indicating that they would change viewer behavior to break what I was doing which made me back off of the whole project for now… It’s still something I would like to do though.

Curty: Any thing special you want our readers to know?
Sharie: Of course. Don’t believe a word my sisters say about me. They are all naughty.

Curty: Do you hold any events you want o let us know about?
Sharie: I don’t hold any regularly scheduled events, although when I do I post them in the Lochme Castle group!

You can visit Lochme via the following SLURL:

May your day be filled with ropes and cuffs!

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