Thursday, March 23, 2017

W.O.W. 3-23-2017 edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

Welcome to the belated edition of W.O.W. Sadly My internet decided to not want to play nice last night and took a complete crap so I decided not to fight it by drinking a few beers and falling asleep watching Apocolypse Now. But never mind all that! Let's get to 'Meat' of the issue here. This week the selecting got much tougher as people seem to have bought into the idea of showcasing some really hot cock for us! Let's get to the goods shall we?

Veteran Tatiana Easterwood gives us Pulsion. Not sure what that is but it's pretty fucking sexy.

In a rare Non-Anal moment Sasquatch whips out the dripping goods to show Cheryl Reddevil.

You might want to avoid Kayla Bombastic on Wednesday. She has a different way of Whipping it out and ermmmmm mounting it.

Igor shows us he is not above Whipping it out and doing his thing!

Here's Zepp showing us why he is a porn vet. Yummy!

The Bee Queen demonstrates how to get upside down and Whip someone else's out quite acrobatically!

Can you Whip Out more than one for this little game? Damn right ya can! Here's Angie Wild clearly demonstrating just how you do that!

2 cocks you say? Child's play says PJ Thornton who Whips out 9 for her Rez Day. Happy Rez from us here at True Ginger PJ!

Markus Steiner and Viny show Tatiana a hot pair of manly goodness in this unique pose!

And last but never least is Mr. Big Sexy (Marcus Strong) himself serving up some BBC for a pair of willing ladies!

So Tune in again next week as the parade of delectable cock continues! Way to Whip It Out people! This a fun and creative week in cock shots and the group is rapidly growing making my decisions more difficult each time. But remember to keep submitting all week. The pool will never grow stale and the spotlighted photos will keep coming from the whole pool, not just the new submissions. There is still more goodness left in there to highlight but we'll save those for another week!

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