Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ginger Spot light on: Alivia Morrigan - Owner of The LadyBoys Club

In an ongoing effort to give some spotlight to the many interesting businesses in Second Life I bring you Alivia Morrigan, owner of the LadyBoys Club. I spent a little time with her and she showed off a little of the club and a lot of herself for your delectable enjoyment!

Curty: When did you take over LadyBoys?
Allie: I took ownership of the Ladyboy Club in June of 2016 along with Becky and Gerry Moonshadow

Curty: Was it challenging re-branding and getting going?
Allie: I had a vision of what I wanted, but trying to balance that with what was already established created quite a few tough decisions. I had never owned a club before so diving right into it I found out really fast all the work that has to be done.  We had to do some culture changing and that wasn't easy as well, but perhaps the most challenging thing was realizing I was a club owner now, not just an escort!  It's quite a big change with different duties and it was a difficult thing to tell myself, "Hey what are you doing?  Get off the pole and help guide customers to your dancers not to yourself you greedy slut!"

Curty: Any regrets or complaints?
Allie: There are always things you wish you had done in hindsight.  But I do not regret anything.  I guess my only complaint is when the mundane aspects (really drama) have to be dealt with. I wax nostalgic about the days when I was just a simple escort doing her thing on the pole.  But hey that's what you deal with when you take the reigns.  Deal with the crap or get the fuck out as they say.

Curty: Are you actively hiring staff?
Allie: We are always looking for more!  Can you emote well? Seduce?  Work early mornings or evenings???  😁

Curty: What have been your funnest moments?
Allie: There are so many....but overall December was just a pure blast!  We set records like crazy that month and everyone was having such a great time with the VIPs. 

Curty: Why do you think you've been so successful?
Allie: Well 2 words:  classiness and professionalism.  We do a pretty good job vetting prospects before we put them on the stage.  We ensure high quality not just avatar wise but also mentally and emotionally.  The result is that we are putting out a product that looks good and knows how to turn you on.  The brain really is the sexiest organ after all.  Anyone can look good in SL but not everyone knows how to use your RL mind to devastating effect.  That is why we are good. *wink*

Curty: Are you open to allow film makers to film onsite?
Allie: Bring it on!  If it helps promote the LBC then how can I say no?

Curty: Do you have any future plans you want to achieve for Ladyboys?
Allie: We are soon opening up a VIP room with a nice transparent peeping tom wall for the naughty high rollers.  We'll be rolling out more parties consistently.  We are in the process of setting up some with Hugo's Latex and currently have a pact with WS Creations.

Curty: Any thing special you want our readers to know?
Allie: If you haven't already come visit us!  Get a lap dance and see why we offer the hottest action in SL!  You'll be hard pressed to find more, personal, quality, sexy entertainment anywhere!

Curty: Do you hold any events you want to let us know about?
Allie: As stated we are working with WS Creations and Hugo's Latex.  AT the moment we hold parties every Wednesday and Friday at either 2 or 4 pm SLT.  And Wednesday is always WET Wednesday on our rooftop pool!   So come and party or just come when it's quieter for even more intimacy.  The important thing is to COME and meet the Ladyboys!  I do not think you could ever regret it until say after you realized you are hopelessly addicted to us!  *wink*

I hope you enjoyed meeting Allie. You can visit the LadyBoys Club at this Slurl:

The LadyBoys Club on Flickr:

And yes...The Temptress Allie does take clients....

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