Monday, March 13, 2017

Debauche and why I filmed it

If you haven't seen a performance in Second life of Debauche yet you are missing out. Quite simply put, the work that goes into the show they produce is astonishing. Routinely the performances I have attended draw crowds of 30-40 second life residents. We all know what that does for SIM performance. The enemy of the dance troupe itself is lag. Their stage setups involved rezzers and they can be slow to perform or not function correctly making the challenge of pulling the show off a big one all on it's own. Yet they power through it all and the result is inspiring, breathtaking and moving.

Debauche is the baby of Laura Richards and Severina. The show typically has 12-14 routines and runs over 2 hours if you attend. I got to thinking that many people are missing out on such a great spectacle of performance art because they had technical challenges in attending. I have as you know been filming a lot lately which gave me the idea of filming the show. I approached Laura and asked if she was against me filming the show and she was actually delighted I wanted too. She told me how in the past someone had filmed the entire thing and then destroyed the tape because Laura and friends wouldn't do certain prurient things with the cinematographer.

I told Laura I would take a shot at it and she responded this would make the troupe very happy. I didn't know if I could pull it off being that using FRAPS in such a heavy lag environment would be a challenge. I was shocked that I was able and managed to collect the entire performance of March 11, 2017 at the Playmate mansion. So for all those that wished you could go and could not you now have a way to see at least one iteration of this magnificent performance art. It does continually change and evolve so I may need to revisit this some time in the future. If you were a fence sitter about going to a performance maybe this gets you off that fence. So for your viewing pleasure I present Debauche:

I recommend the PornHub or Xtube version as they give a better full screen. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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