Wednesday, August 23, 2017

W.O,.W. 8-23-17 12th Edition

Welcome to the 12th edition of Whip it out Wednesday! We have a special twist this week! I am not the judge of your meat. I invited a guest judge to pick the 10 hottest shots of the week. That judge is Kisses Karu of Surfer's Bay infamy! (All hate mail can be directed to her! LOL). I think she did a superb job of sorting through the meat storage locker. So without further ado...the 10 Hot cocks selected by Kisses Karu herself!

Kisses Flicker can be seen here:

Oh...want your work featured here? It's easy! Any time you make a picture of a gorgeous cock submit it to the Whip It Out Wednesday Flickr Group . I will keep rummaging back through photos all the way to day of inception so don't think you have to do a Wednesday shot on Wednesday! Without further blabber from me here is this week top 10 cock shots as chosen by me, myself and I. It's good to be the blog owner. (Except for this week ! )

I hope you enjoyed the pics of our Guest judge this week! Give me some feedback! Should I pick a new guest judge each week? Should I Hire Kisses Karu permanently? Now spread the word  and let's grow the group and make wednesdays full of divine stiffness! Until next, happy cock perving!

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