Thursday, August 17, 2017

W.O.W. 8-17-2017 11th edition!

Welcome to the 11th edition of Whip it out Wednesday! It's back and hopefully RL don't ever interrupt me from it being back for good. The group is piling up nicely! 122 members and nearly 700 photos! That's a lot of dick pics! So let's get to it and check out the chosen ten for this week! Lot's of new members showing us how it's done!

Oh...want your work featured here? It's easy! Any time you make a picture of a gorgeous cock submit it to the Whip It Out Wednesday Flickr Group . I will keep rummaging back through photos all the way to day of inception so don't think you have to do a Wednesday shot on Wednesday! Without further blabber from me here is this week top 10 cock shots as chosen by me, myself and I. It's good to be the blog owner.

Great job to all of! So many delicious shots to choose from and so many new ones being added! I hope you enjoyed this week's drool worthy selections...I know I did! You cocks have been awarded and Your infamy now secure! Until next week weiner watchers!

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