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The Maywood Affair

Dear fiction fans:

In a newly minted collaboration with Alicia and Lexi Spice, True Ginger is proud to present the first installment of a continuing series. The Maywood Affair Part 1 without further ado!

When Alicia May awoke that morning, she could never have imagined how this day would shape her destiny. An innocent young girl, struggling with social pressures, never quite fitting in, but desperate to be accepted. Her naivety making her vulnerable to being taken advantage of  by more assertive personalities...

Alexis Wood was quite simply a morally corrupt human predator. Posing as a modeling agent, using her incredible charisma to lure prey into a dark underworld where human exploitation was the acceptable norm, and young beauty the currency of choice, she was always on the lookout for fresh faces, and had the innate ability to find new talent…

When Alexis first spied the naive young girl at the arcade, she immediately sensed her vulnerability, an isolated target, separated from the pack, her loneliness like a beacon… “Great score! You are really good at this game!”

As Alicia glanced over at the elegant lady, losing her concentration as she suddenly felt extremely self conscious, she smiled timidly and responded with a shy… “Thank you, but i really isnt that good”

When Alexis made eye contact with the little flower, she smiled warmly, her voice soothing and disarming… “Well, I think you are really good!”

Alicia blushed slightly and giggled in that awkward teenage way… “thanks, i guess i isn’t that bad”

Alexis continued to flatter the young girl with a friendly banter, lowering her defenses before placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder, gazing directly into her eyes and cooing softly… “I am so sorry, I don’t normally do this. My name is Alexis Wood, I run a modeling agency and you have the most beautiful eyes! Have you ever done any modeling?”

Alicia blushed hard now as she shook her head, her heart beating faster as Alexis’s eyes seemed to look right inside her… “umm, no, i hasn’t ever done anythings like that” ….then averted her eyes, lowering them and trying to look away.
Alexis then caressed the girl’s face, turning her cheek back to face her… “You are a very beautiful young girl, and I think you could really have a future in modeling, what’s your name sweetie?”

Alicia struggled to comprehend the emotions she was feeling, she was unaccustomed to such attention, and it was intoxicating, but this woman was so breathtakingly beautiful and she was just… “Alicia, Alicia May”

The warmth of Alexis’s smile continued to set Alicia at ease… “Well Alicia. Alicia May. It is a pleasure to meet you!” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a business card, handed it to the young girl and spoke with a candor in her voice that was more demanding than requesting… “Come visit me tomorrow, four PM, we can take a few test  shots, get them out to my clients and see if they see the same in you that I do!” ...and as suddenly as Alexis had shown up, she was gone, leaving Alicia gazing at card… ‘Alexis Wood - A&A Modeling - Realize Your Dreams’

It was a restless night as Alicia tossed and turned, unable to stop thinking about the chance meeting, imagining the glamor of being a model then feeling her tummy churn as she questioned her own self worth, imagining the shame she would feel if she failed… As she looked at herself in the mirror that morning, she continued to question herself, what if she wasn’t pretty enough? What if she wasn’t tall enough? What if, what if, what if…. She finally chose an outfit, and had what seemed like the longest day of school ever… watching the clock take forever to tick away, before school finally let out and she found her way to an old industrial warehouse in the trendy part of town.

Alexis’s infectious smile immediately put Alicia at ease. Greeted with a warm hug and a friendly… “I’m so glad you could make it Alicia! You look amazing!”

The young girl fidgeted nervously as she shuffled her feet… “thank you Ms Wood” ...and looked around, admiring the loft and the pictures on the wall… “This is a beautiful studio Ms Wood!”

Alexis then went to work, in her element with only one goal in mind… “thank you sweetie! It is so much more beautiful with you here though!” she sat the young girl at her desk and didn’t allow her to think… “so let me explain how things work! First things first, is we’ll have you sign this release, no need to read it, it’s just some legalese to protect you and your rights” she placed a contract in front of the young girl which forfeited all of Alicia’s rights, giving Alexis complete control of any intellectual property rights and financial value generated by any of Alicia’s images… “It’s just a standard form, all the models sign them! And then we’ll get you in front of the camera and get this party started! Okay?”

Alicia nodded and smiled, captivated by the aura of this beautiful, successful, confident woman… She instinctively trusted her and felt a burning desire to please her, she loved how Ms Wood made her feel about herself and eagerly signed the contract without reading it… “Sounds wonderful Ms Wood!”

For the next 45 minutes, the shutter never stopped on Alexis’s camera as she clicked away, continually praising the young girl… “Are you sure you haven’t done this before!? You are a natural and the camera loves you!!!” ...and Alicia was beaming, she felt special, she felt beautiful, she felt… wanted!

Alexis then picked up another camera and moved closer… “You has such a cute figure Alicia” ...and she casually began to unbutton Alicia’s blouse like it was the most natural thing in the world… “let’s have a better look at you”

Alicia gasped but didn’t resist, her body trembling as Alexis removed the young girl’s top, exposing her pert little breasts, causing Alicia to shyly try to cover up as she felt her nipples straining like two little bullets… “yes Ms Wood” ...prompting Alexis to continue her seduction as she calmed her prey… “it’s okay sweetie, just you and me, such a beautiful girl, you are perfect! A perfect little kitten” ...calming her as she posed her and continued to snap away, capturing image after image of the precious young thing…

...tthen reaching for the buckles of Alicia’s skirt. Ali gasped and pulled away, her heart now racing as she was afraid to reveal her secret. Alexis intuitively slowed down… “What’s the matter sweetie? Maybe we should take a little break” ...and gently caressed the young girl’s cheek… “Does anyone know you are here sweetie?”

 Alicia shook her head… “No Ms Wood, i didn’t tell anyone, cause i didn’t want to get my hopes up, you know, like, in case you didn’t like me?” ...Alexis smiled mischievously as she listened to Ali, then purred in that soft soothing tone… “Oh sweetie, you are so precious, and I like you a lot!!! Why don’t you have a drink of wine, it will help you relax” ...and poured the girl a glass of wine, surreptitiously mixing some strange white powder into Alicia’s glass … “Drink this, you’ll feel better” ...and continued to put the girl at ease… “now remember, a model’s body is their instrument, there is no shame in it whatsoever, you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, you will learn to be proud of it!”

Alicia smiled sheepishly and lowered her eyes… “It’s not that Ms Wood” she crossed her legs timidly… “It’s just that i has been hiding something” ...and then looked up at Alexis, her eyes wide as she gazed adoringly at the beautiful woman… “I wants to show you but… oh my!? Ummm?? What was in that wine??” ...and crumpled to the floor

Alexis’s grin spread from ear to ear as she picked the young girl up in her arms and carried her up to her loft…

Laying her on the bed and beaming as she thought out loud… “That’s a good lil girl, lets share all our secrets” she rummaged through her nightstand and found a nice set of restraints, removed the girl’s skirt then tugged at her panties, gasping as a cute little six inch secret revealed itself and the young hermaphrodite was exposed… “Oh My! No more secrets Babygurl! Now your education starts My Ali May!”

To be continued!!!!

This set can also be viewed on Alicia's Flickr page Here: The Maywood Affair

Written and photographed by Alica Spice:
Modeling with Alicia is Lexi Spice:

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