Thursday, August 10, 2017

Whip it out Wednesday is back! 8-9-16

Welcome to the 10th edition of Whip it out Wednesday! What started as some mere joking around in the chatroom has now become a solid weekly tradition. I love to see the group keep expanding so tell your friends and neighbors to join the fun! We are now113 members strong and growing. Hmmm...growing..yes...It's time to see what is growing this week in porn land and whose cock shots are among the standouts!

Want your work featured here? It's easy! Any time you make a picture of a gorgeous cock submit it to the Whip It Out Wednesday Flickr Group . I will keep rummaging back through photos all the way to day of inception so don't think you have to do a Wednesday shot on Wednesday! Without further blabber from me here is this week top 10 cock shots as chosen by me, myself and I. It's good to be the blog owner.

This is a very special Whip it out shot for me. A long time friend Monique LeFry has begun her Journey as a Shemale and while I never post a shot of my own on this post I want to lead with this one:

I hope you all support and encourage Monique as she explores her new identity and finds newfound joy in SL! 

Now on to the Usual 10 cockshots to make you drool and delight in all things thick and hard and dripping!

There you have it! This week's gallery of super hard meat and glorious cock! Remember, your images never go stale. I post what strikes me week to week don't matter how old! So if it is a pick with the focus on a super hard member drop it in here! Does not have to be on Wednesday only! Enjoy your fapping or drooling over these hard dicks till next week!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me, Curty, amongst so many great photos (or should I be thanking my new enhancement? ;). And even breaking a rule for me. Your support has been truly special to me.