Thursday, September 7, 2017

W.O.W. 9-6 14th edition

Welcome to the 14th edition of Whip it out Wednesday! This week I worked with Partee Mytili to power through the grid outtage and still manage to get you some delicious shots! Partee took on the task in true spirit saying things like , and these are real quotes, " Sighhh so hard.  I was afraid I would blow it." and "That was hardddd!!". Talk about Freudian slips!! Apparently you flummoxed her terribly but she powered through and had this to say..." Some very artful ones and some funny ones!!!" Without further ado here are Partee's choices!

Partee's Flickr can be seen here:

Oh...want your work featured here? It's easy! Any time you make a picture of a gorgeous cock submit it to the Whip It Out Wednesday Flickr Group . I will keep rummaging back through photos all the way to day of inception so don't think you have to do a Wednesday shot on Wednesday!

Last but never least is the sexy Traci whipping it out and getting it clean in the tub!

That's all for this week! Remember...just cause it didn't go up this week there is hope every week! Thank you Partee Mytili for working through the SL issues and getting this done! I hope you all enjoy and we shall see you next week with yet another delicious selection of tasty treats!

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