Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ginger Spotlight on Valendia Sinister: Owner of Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge

Ginger Spotlight on Valendia Sinister: Owner of Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge

Greedy...we all love Greedy right? Never played Greedy? Well, Valendia's lounge might not be the place you wanna start. Or maybe, it is the place you wanna start. Valendia has brought playing Greedy to a new level of naughtiness. You see, playing Greedy at her lounge may have you ending up in some pretty interesting situations. The 'Funishment Globe' is spun after each game and the Winner gets to 'Funish' the loser.

Let's have a spin shall we!

Val's Greedy Funishment Globe: Choose the Funishment you would like.
1. Male: Take off all your clothes, and dance with an erection for the NEXT female that walks in. No explanation.
2. Female: Gooey Face! Oh, someone made a mess all over you're face. Wear the naughtiest cum face you have for 2 games.
3. Wear a ball gag for 3 games

Umm...yeah and that's how it goes here. That is a mere sample of the silly outcomes that may occur. Well, I decided to sit down with Valendia and interview her and of course get you all some tasty photographs.

Curty: So Valendia, when did you open Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge?
Valendia: Wow, that's a good question. I was looking into that, and I opened the first one back in 2013, and about a year later moved to where I am in Lochme in 2014

Curty: So what really goes on in Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge?
Valendia: Well, naughtiness hopefully.  I have three greedy tables, one of which is a clothing optional hot tub version of the game. There's a VIP room where losers can become the slave of the winner, or you can just go there for fun if you like. Its a social place, where people can meet and get to know each other in a no pressure, fun environment.

Curty: How did the idea come about and why are you so passionate about it?
Valendia: Well, there was another SIM I was playing on, Terra Isabella, that had punishments for playing Greedy. It was really a store, with many other games there, and it occurred to me how much fun you could have with a dedicated place, where the focus was greedy, and punishments... or as we like to refer to them, "Funishments"

Curty: Greedy is the main focus here. Do you hold events or tournaments or is it all about just having fun?
Valendia: Mostly its just about fun. I like to have dee jay events, and we sometimes have live performers, and of course the occasional greedy tournament.

Curty: The lounge has changed a lot since I first visited. Can you tell us about some of the changes?
Valendia: Everything is an evolution. You start with idea on something, and then things evolve to reflect your experiences. As time has gone by, I've tried to narrow the focus on a club style atmosphere, to keep things changing so that when you come back there's something new to explore.

Curty: Do you have plans for more changes or events?
Valendia: Definitely! I've got a new dance floor so we've got to put that to use, right? So, a fun dance party, a tournament, and so on! So, who knows.

Curty: What have been your funnest moments here?
Valendia: Oh my goodness! I can't get into too much detail or my cheeks will turn red. Obviously, for me personally, there have been some very sexy and enjoyable moments with dear friends, but the most fun I have is when other people get together. When the room is a catalyst for others fun. That's really how I have the most fun.

Curty: Would you mind getting your photo taken in some compromising positions demonstrating some of the funishments?
Valendia: Um, well, I guess if its for the cause, I can do that.. do I have to get naked?
Curty: But of course!

Curty: You are also a builder aren't you? Do you want to share your marketplace link with us?
Valendia: Well, I have a few items on MP. Mostly things that set a scene for role playing experiences. I'm really just an amateur at it, but people seem to enjoy my creations.

Curty: What else would you like the audience to know about Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge?
Valendia: That you can come and play greedy, share the dance floor with a dear partner or friend, or visit the VIP room. There's a group to join if you like, mostly to help coordinate games, but its not a requirement.

Of course the danger of playing Greedy with Valendia is that you end up on the 'Wall of Shame' or worse the 'Shameful Pic of the Week'. Yeah...guess maybe I should have quit after I won the 1st game....

You can visit Valendia's Naughty Greedy Lounge Here:

Happy Greedy playing!

W.O.W. 3-23-2017 edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

Welcome to the belated edition of W.O.W. Sadly My internet decided to not want to play nice last night and took a complete crap so I decided not to fight it by drinking a few beers and falling asleep watching Apocolypse Now. But never mind all that! Let's get to 'Meat' of the issue here. This week the selecting got much tougher as people seem to have bought into the idea of showcasing some really hot cock for us! Let's get to the goods shall we?

Veteran Tatiana Easterwood gives us Pulsion. Not sure what that is but it's pretty fucking sexy.

In a rare Non-Anal moment Sasquatch whips out the dripping goods to show Cheryl Reddevil.

You might want to avoid Kayla Bombastic on Wednesday. She has a different way of Whipping it out and ermmmmm mounting it.

Igor shows us he is not above Whipping it out and doing his thing!

Here's Zepp showing us why he is a porn vet. Yummy!

The Bee Queen demonstrates how to get upside down and Whip someone else's out quite acrobatically!

Can you Whip Out more than one for this little game? Damn right ya can! Here's Angie Wild clearly demonstrating just how you do that!

2 cocks you say? Child's play says PJ Thornton who Whips out 9 for her Rez Day. Happy Rez from us here at True Ginger PJ!

Markus Steiner and Viny show Tatiana a hot pair of manly goodness in this unique pose!

And last but never least is Mr. Big Sexy (Marcus Strong) himself serving up some BBC for a pair of willing ladies!

So Tune in again next week as the parade of delectable cock continues! Way to Whip It Out people! This a fun and creative week in cock shots and the group is rapidly growing making my decisions more difficult each time. But remember to keep submitting all week. The pool will never grow stale and the spotlighted photos will keep coming from the whole pool, not just the new submissions. There is still more goodness left in there to highlight but we'll save those for another week!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Meeting Cathy Palen

The world SL Porn is strange. One minute you are bored and the next is a frenzy of new work, new connections and fun! So as it happens I am randomly posting some photos as I normally do in the overnight hours and I get a Flickr mail. It's from Cathy Palen. She wants to interview me. We end up catching up in world and she comes to my studio.

Cathy if you don't know her is an SLA Media blogger. SLA means Second Life Adventures. She does this with Caroline. They have since formed a 3rd blog focusing on Machinima content.

Cathy's Blog:

Caroline's Blog:

Their joint Machinima Blog:

So we spent nearly 2 hrs talking and we really hit it off. She is a super nice girl and very into her work. I asked her if she'd like me to photograph her and she accepted. And yeah...what developed on film was nothing short of magic. Sometimes a picture just happens right.

You can look forward of seeing more of Cathy on The Dogstar productions blog once I shoot her pictorial. But this should have you looking forward to it. You can also stay tuned for the result of my interview with her over on her blog.

Have a great day all!

UPDATE!! Cathy's Blog article is here:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ginger Spot light on: Alivia Morrigan - Owner of The LadyBoys Club

In an ongoing effort to give some spotlight to the many interesting businesses in Second Life I bring you Alivia Morrigan, owner of the LadyBoys Club. I spent a little time with her and she showed off a little of the club and a lot of herself for your delectable enjoyment!

Curty: When did you take over LadyBoys?
Allie: I took ownership of the Ladyboy Club in June of 2016 along with Becky and Gerry Moonshadow

Curty: Was it challenging re-branding and getting going?
Allie: I had a vision of what I wanted, but trying to balance that with what was already established created quite a few tough decisions. I had never owned a club before so diving right into it I found out really fast all the work that has to be done.  We had to do some culture changing and that wasn't easy as well, but perhaps the most challenging thing was realizing I was a club owner now, not just an escort!  It's quite a big change with different duties and it was a difficult thing to tell myself, "Hey what are you doing?  Get off the pole and help guide customers to your dancers not to yourself you greedy slut!"

Curty: Any regrets or complaints?
Allie: There are always things you wish you had done in hindsight.  But I do not regret anything.  I guess my only complaint is when the mundane aspects (really drama) have to be dealt with. I wax nostalgic about the days when I was just a simple escort doing her thing on the pole.  But hey that's what you deal with when you take the reigns.  Deal with the crap or get the fuck out as they say.

Curty: Are you actively hiring staff?
Allie: We are always looking for more!  Can you emote well? Seduce?  Work early mornings or evenings???  😁

Curty: What have been your funnest moments?
Allie: There are so many....but overall December was just a pure blast!  We set records like crazy that month and everyone was having such a great time with the VIPs. 

Curty: Why do you think you've been so successful?
Allie: Well 2 words:  classiness and professionalism.  We do a pretty good job vetting prospects before we put them on the stage.  We ensure high quality not just avatar wise but also mentally and emotionally.  The result is that we are putting out a product that looks good and knows how to turn you on.  The brain really is the sexiest organ after all.  Anyone can look good in SL but not everyone knows how to use your RL mind to devastating effect.  That is why we are good. *wink*

Curty: Are you open to allow film makers to film onsite?
Allie: Bring it on!  If it helps promote the LBC then how can I say no?

Curty: Do you have any future plans you want to achieve for Ladyboys?
Allie: We are soon opening up a VIP room with a nice transparent peeping tom wall for the naughty high rollers.  We'll be rolling out more parties consistently.  We are in the process of setting up some with Hugo's Latex and currently have a pact with WS Creations.

Curty: Any thing special you want our readers to know?
Allie: If you haven't already come visit us!  Get a lap dance and see why we offer the hottest action in SL!  You'll be hard pressed to find more, personal, quality, sexy entertainment anywhere!

Curty: Do you hold any events you want to let us know about?
Allie: As stated we are working with WS Creations and Hugo's Latex.  AT the moment we hold parties every Wednesday and Friday at either 2 or 4 pm SLT.  And Wednesday is always WET Wednesday on our rooftop pool!   So come and party or just come when it's quieter for even more intimacy.  The important thing is to COME and meet the Ladyboys!  I do not think you could ever regret it until say after you realized you are hopelessly addicted to us!  *wink*

I hope you enjoyed meeting Allie. You can visit the LadyBoys Club at this Slurl:

The LadyBoys Club on Flickr:

And yes...The Temptress Allie does take clients....

Monday, March 13, 2017

Debauche and why I filmed it

If you haven't seen a performance in Second life of Debauche yet you are missing out. Quite simply put, the work that goes into the show they produce is astonishing. Routinely the performances I have attended draw crowds of 30-40 second life residents. We all know what that does for SIM performance. The enemy of the dance troupe itself is lag. Their stage setups involved rezzers and they can be slow to perform or not function correctly making the challenge of pulling the show off a big one all on it's own. Yet they power through it all and the result is inspiring, breathtaking and moving.

Debauche is the baby of Laura Richards and Severina. The show typically has 12-14 routines and runs over 2 hours if you attend. I got to thinking that many people are missing out on such a great spectacle of performance art because they had technical challenges in attending. I have as you know been filming a lot lately which gave me the idea of filming the show. I approached Laura and asked if she was against me filming the show and she was actually delighted I wanted too. She told me how in the past someone had filmed the entire thing and then destroyed the tape because Laura and friends wouldn't do certain prurient things with the cinematographer.

I told Laura I would take a shot at it and she responded this would make the troupe very happy. I didn't know if I could pull it off being that using FRAPS in such a heavy lag environment would be a challenge. I was shocked that I was able and managed to collect the entire performance of March 11, 2017 at the Playmate mansion. So for all those that wished you could go and could not you now have a way to see at least one iteration of this magnificent performance art. It does continually change and evolve so I may need to revisit this some time in the future. If you were a fence sitter about going to a performance maybe this gets you off that fence. So for your viewing pleasure I present Debauche:

I recommend the PornHub or Xtube version as they give a better full screen. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Turnabout is Fair Play


Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Debuting in her !st starring role: Traci Quandry

Debuting in his 1st film: Argo Domenici

Quyngles Bluebird (quyngles)
Dakota Faith (
 ღ Pяєςισυѕ тιffу ღ  (wildtiffany)
 Brunella Voelisa (voelisa)
jesssica Shippe
Madigan 'Key Grip' Wylie
Tammy Jones-Pinedo (tammyjones)

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Shot on location at the New Shemale Gym and Clubhouse

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sin of a fox


Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Co-Starring: Ali Fox

Debuting in his 1st film: Teaser

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Fucktoy

True Ginger announces it's fourth release: The Fucktoy


Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Debuting in her 1st film: AdrenaLynn Ling

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy Ending


Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Debuting in her 1st film: Sara Shepherd

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Job Interview

The Job Interview


Starring:  Curty Dovgal

Debuting in her 1st film: Britney Fairlady

Directed and Produced by Curty Dovgal