Monday, March 20, 2017

Meeting Cathy Palen

The world SL Porn is strange. One minute you are bored and the next is a frenzy of new work, new connections and fun! So as it happens I am randomly posting some photos as I normally do in the overnight hours and I get a Flickr mail. It's from Cathy Palen. She wants to interview me. We end up catching up in world and she comes to my studio.

Cathy if you don't know her is an SLA Media blogger. SLA means Second Life Adventures. She does this with Caroline. They have since formed a 3rd blog focusing on Machinima content.

Cathy's Blog:

Caroline's Blog:

Their joint Machinima Blog:

So we spent nearly 2 hrs talking and we really hit it off. She is a super nice girl and very into her work. I asked her if she'd like me to photograph her and she accepted. And yeah...what developed on film was nothing short of magic. Sometimes a picture just happens right.

You can look forward of seeing more of Cathy on The Dogstar productions blog once I shoot her pictorial. But this should have you looking forward to it. You can also stay tuned for the result of my interview with her over on her blog.

Have a great day all!

UPDATE!! Cathy's Blog article is here:

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