Wednesday, March 29, 2017

W.O.W. 3/29/2017 Edition

Whip It Out Wednesday!

Here we are. It's that time of the week again to show case some of the hot cocks in the porn community! Keep remembering the top 10 is drawn from the ENTIRE pool not just from the Wednesday we are on. Keep posting shots all week to the group if it fits our theme! Shall we get to some hot dick pics now?

Star Rainey leads us off with this in your face cock shot she calls 'So Close...'. I think if she gets any closer she'll poke an eye out!

Don Stormcrow shows us he is 'The Lucky One' as the girls demonstrate that sharing is caring.

Igor Romanov recounts the tale of his girls #girthyproblems in this pic he calls "Her first big one'

Marcus Steiner gives order to Sugarbaby in this erotic black white he calls ' Grab and Stroke'

Speaking of Marcus'...Here is Marcus Strong aka Big Sexy showing his 'Big American Dick' to busty little brit Sharon Summerwind.

Rachel Swallows gets in on the Wednesday action by dragging a trifecta together and whipping them out with the guys chuckling and saying 'Just hold her down, she's a wriggler!'

Pulsar Grut has now proven you can even whip it while doing pubic hair inspection! "..."I told you yeeeeeessss! shaved well!"....."

Kallista Hydraconis showcases her deadly cock in 'Killing is my business...and business is good'

Jagger Draconis shows us his pool cue and wonders if you'd care for a game.I don't think it's the corner 'Pocket' he'll be aiming for....

And to round things out just know that The Enfant Terrible might be even right now peeking in your window while whipping it out and stoking it.

And so there you have it. Another week of a hot man meat parade! Keep sending us those dick pics guys! Not too many places you'll here those words spoken. I hope you all are enjoying this feature and keep the fun train rolling. Some really creative shots I couldn't even get to this week. Happy Whip it out Wednesday!

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