Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Little Tease

Welcome to the Storyteller's Hideaway. A little speakeasy behind a blue door you found down some shadowed and forgotten back road. A knock and a nod, the only requirement for entry.

Enjoy the warm ambience of the small, dimly lit club as you relax into your leather seat and take in the pleasures to be found here. For pleasure and desire are what we serve. Here we spin tales of erotic fantasy to indulge your sensuous longing. Feel free to let go, others do.

Look about you. See the shadowed forms of the patrons as they writhe and squirm. At the table next to you, a gentleman bends his lover over their table and takes him with passion and gusto, the lover’s face contorted in ecstasy as his hands grip the table’s edge, the better to push back into the forceful fucking. At another table, a woman, skin flush with her arousal and skirts lifted, grinds herself against her gentleman’s lips as he pleasures her and himself. And in that booth in the corner, the shadowed form of a woman writhes in the grip of something best left to the imagination, her sighs of pleasure mingling with those of the other patrons.

Indulge yourself, or if you’ve the desire, feel free to indulge in one of the staff.

Still shy? Still unsure? Then attend as the storyteller, the club’s namesake, takes the stage to spin out a tale. That is why you’re here, is it not? To be carried away as she weaves out stories of passion, the erotic adventures of men, women, and others.

I assure you, before she is done, you’ll have yourself well in hand. 

XOXO -Correnn

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