Monday, February 20, 2017

True Ginger Photography opens

Hey all! I'm excited today to start a new endeavor. Welcome to True Ginger Photography. I know, another person, another studio. Well we all have our aspirations and ideas of how things should be in this crazy world of SL Porn and Erotic art. I in turn have my own. With my a new studio location and some recently purchased tools to get me started making film, you can expect to see both film and static art coming from this studio. Being rather novice in the Porn industry of SL I have felt the challenges of trying to make a name. One of my objectives here at True Ginger will be to help launch new careers, get exposure for new models and help people into porn that are otherwise having a hard time finding a role. I will also as you might expect have a bit of a focus on my transgender friends and models. I am excited to start out the  gate with a new smoking hot brand that was designed for me by the one and only Rachel Swallows. Thank you Rachel! I look forward to bringing you exciting and sizzling content and I look forward to you joining me on this journey!

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